Arcangel, who began his artistic career in 2004, and has had numerous successes in the Latin music industry, and worldwide, and especially in his country, Puerto Rico.
 He has had hits like "Flow Cabron" or "Por amar a ciegas" had a great event in Houston, TX.
 in one of the most iconic places in the city, Smart Financial Center, which had numerous fans and captivated the Latino public It is incredible how despite the time and the years that have passed, his music is still intact. 
Many people call archangel as the "Leyenda" of the industry. 
The beginning of the concert began with the song js4e (Justin Santos for ever), which is a very deep song that shares his story and the death of his brother.​​​​​​​
Arcangel, in his most recent album called "Sr Santos" who in many of his songs talks about life and in a very important one, about the death of his brother Justin Santos, who asks for justice for his death.
 on the story of "la leyenda" it will be the first time he has toured in the United States without being a radio event or festival.
 It also had the presentation of Onyx "Creacion Divina" who opened the concert of the Puerto Rican singer. Arcangel, did a show of 1 hour and a half and sang incredible hits.
the Puerto rican singer will continue his tour of Hidalgo, Texas, and will continue with his entire tour of the United States.
 Arcangel, at 39 years of age, has been a legend in the Latin music industry and it is incredible to see how, despite the years, people continue to sing his songs, from the old ones, to the newest ones like "La Jumpa" with bad bunny, which was the song he used to close the event.
Arcangel, Smart Financial Center, Houston, TX.

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